Dark Avocado

I build this House with the LotAdjuster from Mod the Sims and the tutorial from shastakiss.     

Games Info
Sims 2 Ultimate Collection
{all Ep´s + all Sp´s}
Lot Info
63.326 $
Please read the TOU|FAQ
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  1. I often open your sims 2 packs and pick out decor items to place in my downloads folder (which is near to bursting lol) but I am stumped as to the sideboard with the TV on top of it used in Dark Avocado, its quite beautiful. Would you be willing to provide me the name of the item so I could find it in the download? Thank you for your consideration and beautiful work.

    1. Hmm i couldn´t find it but i remember they are from Buggybooz...i put 4 together. The recolors are from engelchen (All4Sims). I hope that helps...thanks for your compliment ♥

  2. Yes thanks so much I believe I found it as Kia Wall End table and then the recolors done by Engelchen! Thank you so much!!!


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